Advising Individual Executives

At the Fromholz Firm, we help executives and other senior individuals negotiate and analyze employment agreements and exit packages.

Employment Agreements

The Fromholz Firm has expertise in drafting, analyzing, and negotiating employment contracts, non-compete agreements, and non-solicitation agreements. Executives often are presented with employment contracts when they accept a new position. It is vitally important that you negotiate the best possible agreement, which protects your interests during and after your employment, at the outset. We can help you ensure that your agreement’s compensation provisions are clear reflect the deal you reached, that the termination provisions are fair, that the definition of “cause” is reasonable, and that you are protected by a “good reason” clause. Checkout for more details.

We also have extensive experience working with and negotiating restrictive covenants, including non-solicitation and non-compete agreements. We are particularly well-versed in the application of these provisions across state lines, which can present thorny questions for executives moving from one position to another.

Exit Packages

Whether you are leaving your position voluntarily or involuntarily, through resignation, termination, or layoff, you undoubtedly want to leave with an exit package that protects you until you find your next position. We have negotiated hundreds of exit packages for executives across a wide range of industries, and have helped ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible.