Ann Fromholz is certified by the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA) to conduct investigations under Title IX on campuses, both colleges and universities and K-12 schools.

The Fromholz Firm provides investigations, training, and consulting regarding sexual misconduct issues and allegations. The Fromholz firm has expertise in sexual misconduct and domestic violence and has worked with educational institutions to investigate claims of sexual misconduct, including both sexual assault and sexual harassment. The Fromholz Firm has investigated and supervised cases involving sexual assault and harassment, stalking, workplace violence, unlawful surveillance and child pornography.

The Fromholz Firm conducts sensitive, discreet and skilled investigations into allegations of sexual misconduct on campus that include conducting interviews, gathering evidence and preparing detailed written reports of its findings. The Fromholz Firm also evaluates past responses to incidents or claims of sexual misconduct and provides recommendations for improved handling of responses in the future.

Workplace Investigations

The Fromholz Firm focuses on performing timely, fair, and thorough investigations into allegations of harassment, discrimination and other misconduct in the workplace. We typically are engaged by inside counsel, senior HR professionals, or C-suite executive to come in on a one-time basis to perform the investigation.

An investigation includes interviewing witnesses, reviewing documents and other evidence, and making findings as to what has occurred. Outside investigators are especially important in cases where there are serious allegations or when the allegations are against a high-level manager or executive.

The types of workplace complaints that we have investigated include:

  • Discrimination (based on gender, race, religion, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, and other protected categories) in hiring, job assignments, promotions, and terminations of employment
  • Sexual and other forms of harassment
  • Bullying
  • Retaliation for bringing a complaint or for resisting unlawful conduct
  • Whistleblowing and retaliation for whistleblowing
  • Workplace misconduct and violation of workplace rules, expectations, and ethics
  • Wrongful discipline, including termination of employment

We have done investigations for companies and organizations large and small across a wide industries, including health care, retail, manufacturing, financial, and high tech companies; universities, colleges, and secondary schools; cities, counties, and school districts; non-profits, unions, and public agencies.

An experienced employment law attorney who has decades of experience in this field and who has conducted hundreds of investigations conducts and supervises all investigations. We are committed to providing fair and thorough investigations in as efficient and cost effective a manner as possible.

The Fromholz Firm holds all personal and private information obtained in the course of providing client services in strict confidence. Such information may be covered by the attorney-client privilege. Such information may be provided to our clients as part of a confidential investigative report, or produced as required by law.

Personal Information Disclosure – United States or Overseas: The Fromholz Firm does not supply any personal information to any person or entity outside the United States or its Territories for any purpose other than, potentially, to deliver a confidential investigative report to a client, or as otherwise required by law.

To contact our office regarding a potential investigation, call us at (626) 568-8005 or e-mail us using our contact form.