Not all employment lawyers are the same. Some understand only one side of the equation, or only one industry. The Fromholz Firm has a range of experience representing companies, executives, and serving as a neutral across a wide range of industries. We offer the following services:

  • Workplace Investigations
  • ATIXA Certified Title IX Investigations
  • Representing Individual Executives
  • Counseling Employers
  • Training
  • Expert Witness Services

We work across the country conducting investigations as highly trained, neutral, third-party investigators. We conduct sensitive investigations into issues of sexual misconduct, domestic violence, stalking, harassment, hazing and bullying for primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. We also conduct investigations into allegations of workplace misconduct, including sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, code of conduct breaches, and privacy breaches for public and private employers.

In pre-litigation and litigation, we have worked with clients in broad variety of industries, including technology, education, gaming, energy, health care, entertainment, hospitality, professional services, manufacturing, logistics, and more. This broad range of experience offers you the support and insight you need to avoid disputes before they start, prevent needless litigation, and reach the best resolutions when conflicts do arise.

That’s what we mean by “law that works.” Give us a call. We’re full of bright ideas.